Re-live The 2013 Melon Awards


The Melon Music awards were yesterday and if you missed it you can go watch it by checking it out below!

The Melon Music Awards took place at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul November 14th. They had a LIVE streaming on YouTube and 245,721 people watched as it took place. Want to see how everything went down before I spoil it for you? Go check it out.

Album of the Year: Busker Busker “Busker Busker 2nd Album”

Best Song of the Year: EXO “Growl”

Melon Music Awards Top 10: EXO, Davichi, Dynamic Duo, Busker Busker, Beast, SHINee, Sistar, IU, Ailee and G-Dragon

Best Newcomer Award: Lim Kim and BTS

Netizen Popularity Award: EXO “Growl”

Global Star Award: PSY

Hot Trend Award: Rose Motel “Long Time Lover” and Crayon Pop “Bar Bar Bar”

Music Style Award – Best OST: Yoon Mi Rae “Touch Love”

Music Style Award – Best Rock: Cho Yong Pil “Bounce”

Music Style Award – Best Rap/Hip hop: Baechigi “Shower of Tears” (feat. Ailee)

Music Style Award – Best R&B/Ballad: Heo Gak “Monodrama” and K. Will “You Don’t Know Love”

Music Style Award – Best Pop: Bruno Mars “Young Girls”

Songwriter Award: Shinsadong Tiger

Music Video: Lee Gi Baek for Beast “Shadow”

Performing Arts Award: Shin Seung Hun

MBC Music Star Award: f(x)

Source: Melon


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