2NE1 Announces their World Tour Locations

Lets Get Jiggy With It!

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Park Bom and Dara announced the places where 2NE1‘s world tour will take place. With such charisma they happily announced at their press conference the locations. I’m really excited as many of you are to see how these performances will go and see the song come out.

Bom: Yes today we have something to tell you all. First, I will talk about the world tour.
Bom: World tour starts in Seoul March 2014 and then China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan.
Bom: 2NE1 will go to meet fans worldwide.
Dara: They’ll go?
Bom: I want to go to more countries.
Dara: Yes, we want to go to more places, like America, Europe, S. America, but..
Bom: Africa…
Dara: I will reveal the schedule for our new song. 2013, 11/22 at 0 AM. Yes. 0AM between Wednesday and Thursday.
Dara: This song will fit the late night of when it is released, that is why it is coming out at night.
Bom: The song is very emotional and uh~~ if you hear it~ uh~ how do I say this? You will be able to know our feelings.
Dara: When I recorded this song, I cried so much that I used a whole box of tissues.
Bom: Yes I cried while recording too~ uh.. Our produced Teddy oppa was very surprised.
Dara: We will show a teaser. Can you see it? We heard you all have perfect vision. If you can’t see, check on YG-Life.
Dara: They are parts of the MV. Do you have anything to say about the MV?
Bom: Who, me?
Minzy: I heard Minzy has recorded a solo single album. When will it come out?
Bom: I think you mean Bom’s solo. We are thinking of it positively right now.
CL: I have a question. Before the tour, will there be an album?
Bom: Album? No one knows yet.

Source: ohdara, YG Entertainment


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