Boyfriend Tears Down Dallas With Spectacular Performance! [PICS]

DSCN0420 copy

Best friend gather around and relive the concert of the year.

Many fans around America swarmed to both Chicago and Dallas on Thursday March 13, 2014 for Boyfriend’s first U.S Showcase. Among many things the boys brought gifts and surprises for Best friends that got to attend the concert. There wasn’t one single dull moment amongst the concert goers and the guys themselves had such a blast.

Throughout the concert they kept up the vibe. Throwing in fan services, allowing fans to take photos of them and even going as far as jumping off the stage into the audience. It just goes to show when it comes to Boyfriend, their fans are a top priority.

Starting off the night with a bang, the guys sung their intro before going off to introduce themselves. Once finished with introductions, they went on to another song, then talked about their aspirations. It’s crazy to see how things would have been different had the six of them not become idols. Once done with that, the guys moved on to individual solos. While the microphones begged to be changed, each one pushed through it, and a few lucky girls got to go up on the stage and become a girls friend. Amongst other songs, Boyfriend had a game of charades in store in where six lucky fans got to go on stage and play, and also a questionnaire in which fans tested their knowledge on the group.

If you’re like me and can’t live without remembering the moment, KPOP 365 will help you out. Below are some of the pictures from both behind the scenes and in concert! Enjoy!

Photos By: KPOP365


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