Singer Sae Mi Roo Passes Away


Singer, Songwriter, and Producer Rachie Sae Mi Roo passed away on April 3rd, 2014. She was known for her vocals in the indie group XOXO. After having little success with the group she began producing music and singing on her own. Her YouTube channel is littered with her songs and all of them are just absolutely beautiful.

At this time cause of death isn’t known, though the singer had been known to use some drugs and had been having problems within her group. The singer had also been traveling back and fourth between Korea and Toronto where she busied herself with her musical activities. There is still no word on it, but it is definitely a tragedy. The singer was only 25 at the time of death and in general was to young to have departed the world. Below you can listen to some of her music and check out pictures of this talented artist. RIP Saemiroo~

Source: KPOP 365


6 thoughts on “Singer Sae Mi Roo Passes Away

    1. He only gave details so we wouldn’t be completely in the dark like she just suddenly died or something. It may increase the assumption of it being drugs use but doesn’t leave us with nothing at all.

  1. This is just so very sad. Talented, Young and Pretty. So many opportunities. She is gone too soon no matter how it happened. We can only hope she rests in peace. If it was drugs or suicide or accidental may we hold the lives we lead as a gift no matter how hard it seems. If she just knew she was loved even by the strangers who only knew her voice maybe this outcome could have been different.

  2. She was my best friend, a sister at heart, and an angel. Regardless what the world perceives her as, she will always be that talented, beautiful, smart young women with huge ambitions and an amazing voice. Rest in the sweetest peace Rachiebooboo xoxo ❤

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