Danwon High School Principle Commits Suicide


The tragedy continues.

After a ferry holding 425 students from Danwon High School, teachers, and crew in S. Korea capsized many families and friends came to see if their children had made it out of the wreck alive. With 20 people confirmed dead and still over 200 people missing, many are starting to lose hope, while others are still praying for their loved ones to come out alive and well.

The vice-principal of Danwon High School, Mr. Kang committed suicide in the evening of the 18th of April. He was found hanging from a pine tree near a gymnasium in Jindo, where many of the victims’ families were gathering, waiting for their loved ones to be rescued. He left a two page will behind and said this before he hung himself,

I am sorry to my parents, the school, the students, the office of Education and student parents. I can’t live alone not knowing whether 200 people are dead or alive. Please forgive me of my sins. I was the one who pushed ahead with the school trip. Please cremate my body and distribute my ashes near the site of the accident. Should I continue being a teacher with the children in heaven.

Mr. Kang was one of the few to be rescued from the sinking ferry and couldn’t stand to live alone knowing so many are still unaccounted for. We here at KPOP 365 hope that his soul will be at peace now along with the many students and crew that didn’t make it out of the ferry alive.

Source: Sports DongA


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