2PM Delays Their Comeback To Make Way For GOT7

2PM have pushed back their comeback set for early June with a possibility that they will return in July at the earliest or even later in the year.

2PM had set their comeback date for April but due to their individual activities, their comeback was pushed back to the first week of June. However, 2PM decided that it’d be better to focus on their individual activities and prepare more before their comeback which gives their company partner, GOT7, a chance to go first.

A JYP Entertainment stated,

2PM’s comeback has been delayed for the time being. It will be in the latter-half of this year but the exact date has not been decided yet.

GOT7 will release their album sometime in mid June.

Source: Newsen, AKP


One thought on “2PM Delays Their Comeback To Make Way For GOT7

  1. I hate it when artists push back their comeback date… I was so anticipating 2PM’s comeback but not i have to wait a little longer… But i guess if your not “ready” yet and your company has another artists they can focus on then i guess more power to them… but i hate waiting…

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