KCON 2 Day Recap! Relive The KCON Experience!

An applause for KCON 2014!

Wow from a personal experience, I must say that this was the best KCON yet. For those who attended the previous two years to now you may have noticed the giant increase in the amount of people. This year KCON doubled last years attendance, having the P1 tickets sell out almost as quickly as they went up. Of course there were many giveaways on various pages in which you could win, and a congrats to those who did win their trips to the show.

Now upon getting there, if you drove, you experienced the fun maze of finding parking. If you were like myself, you went down the front past all 3 lots then around again and into the parking garage. Getting there early meant nothing if you drove around for an hour. Now assume you finally found parking, if you weren’t there at 1 a.m. you experienced the line. Where I got stuck was way in the back near the out door stage and wated about 3 to 4 hours to get in. With each movement of the line, myself and my newly found friends counted the steps we moved up. It was horrid to listen to the VIXX fan engagement going on and then to hear that one of the girls friends had an autograph pass in which the line reacted all the same, a unison, “WHY ME??”

Now once you got into the convention the fun began. Most made a bee line to the outdoor stage where VIXX was being introduced with Danny and Dumbfoundead. I know I stopped there first and watched as the six men walked onto the stage and played with the audience. We all watched as the two luckiest people in the audience went on stage and fought in a battle of aegyo, in which the winner, or both in that case, hugged their favorite member.

After that many spread out and headed to the free market, or to the many booths. Lots of people joined the dance all day crew and learned VIXXs eternity and many other dances throughout the day. KCON 2014 hosted by Mnet and CJE&M Entertainment provided the fans with so many panels and the Running Fan activity booth. As the corespondent for the El Paso team, it made me so happy to see how far Ric Cruz and them have come with the idea. Which panel or event did you like the most, I know there were so many to pick from. Personally I loved the free market and the Running Fan booth.

So for day two the same thing consisted. Except, you didn’t have to wait in line to get in. Once you had your pass you were free to go. I decided on heading in a little later, and joining the sleeping crew. But again, the panels were just so fun. I think from the time of seeing Jung Jun Young on the out door stage to BTS, then heading to the ‘Bringing Hallyu to You’ Panel, I had a full days worth of things to do.

Eric Nam also graced the VIKI tent with his presence, letting the many fans of his take pictures and talk with him. The line for that was almost like a mini KCON line and it just seemed to grow. Day two also consisted of Lee Seung Gi popping into the KCON fashion tent and interacting with some lucky fans of his.

At the end of the day, once you were completely filled with food, water, and lemonade, the concert series started. Day one consisted of VIXX, IU, Teen Top, B1A4, and G-DRAGON to close the show. Fans were insane as Danny from L.A, well more Dumbfoundead, came onto stage to begin introducing the acts. I don’t think my ears ever rung so much from the amount of screaming but it was all worth it in the end.

Day two consisted of BTS, CNBLUE, Jung Joon Young, Spica, and SNSD to close it off. There were visually more people than day one at the concert and when the girls of SNSD came out, the roar of the crowd was almost deafening. It was amazing to see so many people from around the world come together to share their love and passion for the show.

So what was your favorite part?

Source: KPOP365


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