Who Used It better? BIGBANG, EMPIRE or Wisin?

Just today I was catching up on one of my all time favorite shows, “EMPIRE”. As I was watching, I came across something I had seen before.  They were making a MV in the show and they had this…

Screenshot (276)

Yup. That’s right. A metal bubble cage… thing. Now, don’t think I’m weird for noticing this, well maybe a little.

so the question comes, where have I seen this before?

Screenshot (258)

Oh yeah!! BIGBANG’s “GOOD BOY” MV.

I think I’ve seen something similar as well in another MV as well…

Screenshot (244)

Yup Wisin used the same thing in his MV….hhhmmm….

I’m pretty sure that if you are into KPOP then you know that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang made a MV last November called “GOOD BOY”. Many people enjoyed it, with a total so far of 75+ million views. The vibrant neon colors and glow in the dark lights were what captivated many. What seemed to capture me though was the metal bubble cage they were dancing in throughout most of the video. This was MY first encounter with this concept in a MV and I enjoyed it a lot when I first saw it.

Recently 2 months ago I actually came around to watching Wisin’s MV for “Adrenalina” ft. Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin. This song was enjoyed a lot in the Latino based cultures (I should know, I’m Latina and I heard it a lot on the radio). With over 410 million views you can say that many enjoyed the trio and the spectacular show each had to offer to the MV. They also had this metal bubble, which then got me thinking.

Now I recently watched “EMPIRE”, Episode 4 of Season 2, (If you are wondering and want to go watch it) and during the show I was surprised to see that they also had done this metal bubble concept to dance in. So my question now is what is with this new fad with the said Metal Bubble, who did it first, and most importantly who did it better?

The whole idea of the metal bubble dome is really interesting. Many might not think much about it but I can say that I actually see life withing the dome. It reminds me of those green house domes that can grow plants year round. These domes protect the life that is held within it. Ironically enough, the reason I say I see life within the dome is because there is only dancing happening in the domes and outside the domes people are just standing around. I guess you can say I went all artsy in-depth with this, but this is literally what I thought of as I saw them.

Well the first one to use this metal bubble idea out of the three was Wisin who came out with the MV on March 3rd of last year. BIGBANG’s duet came in second with their MV coming out November 20th of last year. EMPIRE recently did it this month, October 12th. Now, I’m not saying that they copied each other but I just find the whole idea that big groups are using it in their mv. It is quite interesting actually. Each used the metal bubble dome in their own way yet similar.

I for one love each and every one of them. They are all different in their own way and were creative in the way they used it. I mainly say this because I personally have a hard time deciding who used it better. I enjoy how throughout people using the metal dome it got used more and more. People first danced in it. then people were actually sitting on it and enjoying the performance and with the last one people were climbing it, fighting on it and coming in and out of the dome.

I would love to hear what you guys think about the metal bubble dome. watch the videos bellow and tell us what you think and who used it better.

WISIN- Adrenalina ft. Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin

G-Dragon X Taeyang- GOOD BOY

EMPIRE- Ain’t About The Money


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