Henry Bloomfield Starts Getting Noticed More With His New MV “Kiss A Kumiho” [+19 mv]


An American in Korea Makes his debut with his MV “Kiss a Kumiho”. Are there going to be troubles and controversies to come from this?

Henry Bloomfield is a 26-year-old from Boston, Massachusetts. Yes, America. He is a song writer, composer, and does vocals. He has also been putting up videos since 2013 with covers, but progressively came into the picture in Korea.

This being his Comeback, he is putting out a new MV again under CJ Entertainment. This vibrant MV talks about the tail of a Kumiho. A Kumiho is an old Korean legend for those who don’t know.

With the interesting new vibe and video Mr. Bloomfield seems to be getting a lot of attention, but are they for the right reasons?

I for one am a fan and enjoy this jazzy vibe that he shows. On the other side though many people are against him making music in Korea. The reason because he is from America/ is American. In a way this seems kind of off-putting. It isn’t something you hear everyday. Many feel confused because he uses English and Korean in his music. I have to ask though, what is the issue with that?

Despite this, he seems to be putting out music anyways and fulfilling his dream of being a musician.

Below are going to be two videos. One being his new MV. The other being from KFM on an interview he had with them. (for those who don’t really know him and would like to).

Interview by KFM

Don’t forget to check out more of his videos on his Chanel!


This is also a link to his website.


SOURCE: http://henrybloomfield.com/, CJENMMUSIC Official, KFM


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