G-Dragon Involved In A Dating Scandal With Who?!

Oh goodness…

Here we go again. After news of GD’s break up with Kiko, and Taeyeon with EXO’s Baekhyun, it was only a matter of time before one of them got caught in something right?

A post was earlier circulated on Korean website Pann and had many Sone’s and VIP’s alike alarmed at the rate it spread. Both companies have already stated that the two are not dating and the rumor began to disperse.

Turns out the original post was stated as:

“Top girl group member A is in another relationship. She was always rumored to be romantically involved with colleagues in her industry. This time her boyfriend is said to be B from the biggest boy group. They are both veterans but their only interaction was polite greetings. However, after a recent introduction through a mutual friend, they rapidly became close. The biggest reason was B’s recent situation. He was exhausted from a pretty much public dating and break up. B found A similar to C (another female singer who was his first love) and A fell for B as she discovered he had many similarities with her. They both have such a large fan base that this news will probably cause more than a ripple but the two seem adamant in continuing their relationship”

(Quote taken from Koreaboo)

As this rumor with no concrete evidence continues to spread, fans can’t help but to continue to speculate and wonder. What do you think of the incident?

Source: PANN & Koreaboo


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