M.A.P6 Pull You Into The Eye Of The “Storm” [MV TEASER]

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.27.28 AM

To many intense videos this month.

Well I pray for all KPOP fans out there this month. With the amount of upcoming boy groups and comebacks in the work, I predict the amount of fatalities will be through the rough. M.A.P6 is no different and you’ll see what I mean when you check out their video.

The boys bring a B.A.P style feel to their video, well when B.A.P debuted that is, but M.A.P6 brings their own apocalyptic flare to it. I’m excited to see how this video will turn out, and am almost ready to step into the storm with them.

Source: 1theK (원더케이)


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