Rapper Alexandra Confirmed As RaNia’s New Member

Wow she’s gorgeous!

Many things have been going on with RaNia. They’ve been quiet lately, but now they’ve stirred up a storm of mass proportions. The girl group recently released a teaser featuring all the girls and a new rapper. Yes, you read correctly, the girls have now added a new rapper and she definitely isn’t what you are expecting.

New member Alexandra Reid will be joining the girls for their newest upcoming promotion which goes live tomorrow November 5th. What makes her extremely different is that she doesn’t have a single drop of Korean or Asian blood in her. The African American singer is making huge leaps and bounds as she moves from the American scene to the Korean.

Alexandra has been seen in the States keeping busy with videos like Jaine Foxx’s “You changed me.” And is also a music composer and producer and was connected to RaNia through their debut in America. I hope to see this girl go far as we know how a few people can be extremely harsh with their words and don’t forget to catch their epic comeback on November 5th.

Source: Gloria Powell, RaNia


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