B1A4 Takes Over Dallas! [PICS GALORE]

Come one and all for these beautiful pictures!

Dallas was once again taken over by KPOP. Who this time you may ask? Well by the one and only B1A4. Bana’s from around the country flocked to Texas to get a chance to see the boys live on stage. Jazzy Groups has provided us with a thank you to all the fans out there who were kind enough to go see them, and have provided us with some extremely beautiful pictures of the boys while they were performing.

Check out Jazzy Groups’ letter to all Bana’s followed by the pictures from the night below!

B1A4 had successfully ended their concert in Dallas, Texas which held on 8th of November 2015 at Verizon Theater! A meets and greets session which only offered to 50 luckily BANAS was conducted before the concert. The 50 luckily BANAS are able to write down their questions to B1A4 and if they luckily enough, B1A4 will personally replied it at the meets and greets session! The session went on for about 30 minutes, and followed by a group photo session with B1A4 and the BANAS.

There were total of 20 songs were sang by B1A4 and the show was started off by performing the song “In the Air”. They danced vigorously and it seemed that any and every move they made drove the fans crazy and merited more screams. In the middle of the show, B1A4 change their costume into animal costume and it just make turn the ambiance up to a max!

The BANAS went crazy when the new debut song “Sweet Girl” started to play off. B1A4 continue their concert by performing numerous songs including,” Lonely”, “10 years”, “Amazing” and more. Besides, they were also getting down off the stage and get even closer to the BANAS! It was a night that full of screams from the BANAS from the beginning until the end of the show.

Jazzy Group would like to take this opportunity to deliver their appreciation to BANAS in Dallas, Texas. Thank you for the fully support towards B1A4 and make this concert success!

Once again, thank you BANAS!

Source: Jazzy Groups US


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