Dramafever To Open Their Very First Amusement Park!!

Come take a ride in a magical drama filled land!

Just in time for a jokey day next year!! LETS TAKE A LOOK AT THIS AMAZING PARK!! You heard me right straight from the creative mind of As’ti Ekoj, we are proud to bring you the very first k-drama filled park. Some of the more notable rides include:

-Shower Scene Mountain!
-Mt. F4 (a majestic monument chiseled by hand by thousands of fans of the hit Korean drama Boys Over Flowers)
-Evil Mom Lagoon
-Choco Abs – the official snack of DramaFever World – we bet you can’t eat just six!
-Piggyback Carousel, where you can take a spin on the back of your favorite oppa.

The park is set to open up next year so get excited everyone. To see the teaser of this exciting park check out the video below!

APRIL FOOLS!!!! Though wouldn’t it be cool?
Also As’ti Ekoj is It’s a Joke spelled backwards :3


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